Thursday, January 10, 2013

Useful suggestions to save fuel while driving

Driving is very important aspects for any driver. Every driver wants to drive safely on the road and try as many as thing possible to drive safe in the public areas. Due to the limited fuel quantity and continues increasing cost, every driver wants to save fuel. Drivers apply so many methods and techniques to reduce fuel wastage. While driving on the road, remember some important points and save fuel.

Smooth driving: While driving, you must drive smoothly on the road. Use the gears, accelerator and brakes properly and try to avoid unnecessary braking. Slow down the vehicle speed when you want to stop.

Turn off the engine: If you want to stop your vehicle for a long time then turn off the vehicle’s engine. This will save fuel and money.

Ideal driving speed: Always drive within the speed limit, not too fast and not too slow. Avoid the high traffic roads and use the alternate road to drive.

Check the Tyre pressure: Tyre pressure is very important for Eco safe driving. Less pressure may cause the more resistant between the vehicle and road surface. So it is necessary to check the Tyre pressure regularly and maintain proper Tyre pressure.

Vehicle’s maintenance: Maintain your vehicles regularly. Check the engine, air filter, brakes regularly and if any maintenance needed then services properly.

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