Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tips to drive in the mud

The driving in the mud is not so easy and drivers need more concentration during the driving the road surface full of mud. After the heavy rain, many road surfaces convert into the dirty mud surface. Drivers avoid driving in the mud and looking for the alternate roads but if necessary to drive in the mud then must follow below tips-

Slow driving: When driving on these roads, drivers must drive slow and drive with steady speeds. It is difficult to control the vehicle in the mud and fast speed on these roads may dangerous and drivers loose the vehicle’s control.

Use brakes smoothly: During the driving, try to avoid sudden braking. Use brakes smoothly and take a normal time to stop the vehicle. If you apply the brakes suddenly then the vehicle skid due to slippery surfaces and you lose control over the vehicle.

Use vehicle’s wipers: When driving in the mud it is necessary to clear the mud on the windshield and see the view properly. Before driving, first check the vehicle’s wiper and use wiper regularly to clear the mud.

Safe distance: Keep a safe driving distance between the vehicles. This will give you and others more time to stop in case if any emergency and help to reduce the chances of crashes between the vehicles.

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