Friday, December 28, 2012

Tips to control the car after brakes failing

If you drive smoothly on the road and suddenly you know the car brakes are not working then this condition is very horrible. In this condition you must have the ability and skills to control the vehicle. You can apply following things to control the car.

Be calm: In this condition doesn’t panic and stay cool and try to control the car.

Off Cruise control systems: If Cruise control systems are on then you must off it and then use brakes and gears.

Pump your brakes: Feels the brake pedal status and pump your brakes so many times.

Use gears: Shift gears in the lower level and slow down the car. Low gear level can help to slow the engine speed which reduces the car speed.

Use emergency brakes: Do not use the emergency brake too hard and too fast. This will lock the car quickly and you Can lost control over the vehicle. So must use the emergency brakes gently and release the pressure when you feel that car’s tire lock. Warn the other road users. Turn on your hazard lights and warn the other road users about your problem.

Use surrounding areas: Looking your surrounding area and select the right place to stop. Use road friction and guardrails to reduce the speed.

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