Monday, December 17, 2012

Effects of the driving theory test changes

DSA changed the theory test in Jan 2012. After that date, DSA stop published new theory test questions but still previous theory test questions available for the revision purpose. After that theory test looks tougher to pass. Learners think that the preparation of the theory test is very difficult and DSA asks any questions related to the test category. Remember that DSA not changed the test process only new test question not published by the DSA.

Before these changes, drivers just learn the theory test question and forgot the detailed theory behind those questions. Because of just leaning the question answers, driver does not fully aware about safe driving and this will increase the number of accidents. To reduce the number of accidents, DSA decided to not publish the theory test questions.

After that change, learners keen to get detailed knowledge about driving and learn hard to pass the test. This will improve learners driving skills and helps to reduce road accidents. The learners use the different resource material for reference and Get the deep driving knowledge with more concentration. After passing the test drivers looks more confident about the driving and good driving skills help to reduce the number of killed and injuries caused by road accidents

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