Friday, December 14, 2012

Safe drive in fog condition

Driving in the fog is not the easiest thing. Driving in the fog is dangerous thing because poor lights and humidity can be a cause of accidents.  Fog is the mixture of water drops and ice crystals available around the earth's surface.  Generally fog is more appears in the morning and the evening. Drivers must know the weather conditions drivers before planning to drive. Drivers need to be more aware during the driving in these conditions. Use of lights or head lights to see the other road users properly. Adjust wipers to remove the vehicle’s freeze fog.

During the driving, be aware about the freeze fog points, and animals coming on the road. Use horns and warning lights to warn the other drivers and keep a safe distance between the other road users and vehicles. Do not park the vehicle anywhere. Park the vehicle only the parking zone and vehicle lights turn on. Where there is no visibility available then drive more carefully within the speed limits.

Use side indicator lights for a long time and use mirrors properly when turning on the road or changing the lane. This will give an indication to the other drivers aware that you’re turning on the road. Always drive safely and help to save lives.

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