Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Common reasons to fail DSA driving test

Before driving on the road and public areas, drivers must pass UK driving test to obtain driving license. Learners apply for the test and prepare hard to pass the test but many reasons learners fails the driving test. Learners must know the common reasons that responsible for failing the DSA test.

Here we discuss the common reasons for failing the test-

Less driving test process knowledge: This is the very common reason for failing the driving license exam. Learners not fully aware of driving test process and scoring mechanism. Thus they cannot perform well in the driving exam.

Less Hazard awareness: Learners not have the full knowledge about hazards and learners not click the right time when hazard developed.

Less confidence: During the test learners worried about the test and made common mistakes.

Less maneuvers knowledge: Learner drivers not have a full knowledge about driving maneuvers such as parking, turning etc.

Vision problem: During the DSA driving test, Drivers cannot see properly and fails to judge the driving distance between the other vehicles.

Vehicle control: Driving the practical driving test, many drivers fail to control the vehicles properly and made major mistakes and fails the test.

Use of mirrors: Driving the driving, it is important to use mirrors properly but many learners’ not use mirrors properly and fails the test.

Hesitation in driving: Due to nervous about the test, drivers hesitate to use of gears, brakes etc correctly and driving too slowly and stop the vehicle unnecessarily.

Drivers must work on the above reasons and avoid these when you prepare for the online DSA driving test. During the test be confident about your preparation and pass the test with confidence.

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