Monday, December 10, 2012

Tips for young drivers to drive first time

After passing driving tests, young drivers very excited to drive first time on the road. At this time younger must follow some useful tips while driving on the road first time.

1. Before driving first time, the learner must know all driving rules, traffic rules, Highway Code signs and signals.

2. After passing the Driving test, it is better to learn advance driving lessons and technique to drive safe on the road.

3. Young drivers must take other experienced drivers help when driving first time after getting the driving license.

4. Use all safety precautions such as seat belts and headrests properly.

5. Drive not too fast or not too slow. Always driving within the speed limits and keep a safe distance between the other vehicles. This will keep extra safety for your vehicle and prevent crashes between the vehicles.

6. Always follow traffic rules during the drivers on the road. When the signal is red then stop the vehicle and when the signal turns green then drive on the road.

7. Keep extra concentration while changing the lane. Use mirrors and see the other vehicles while changing the lane.

8. Avoid braking suddenly. This will cause the skidding the vehicle and invite accidents.

9. If driving in the wet or icy surfaces then drive slowly on these surfaces.

10. Use horn and warning lights properly.

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