Friday, November 16, 2012

Tips to drive in wet conditions

Drivers face so many difficulties while driving the different driving conditions like wet, foggy and icy. Such conditions are very difficult to manage while driving. Now we are talking about wet conditions.

In wet conditions where the roads are wet and slippery due to heavy rain and humidity are very difficult to drive.

In wet conditions, Drivers face following problems:

1. In wet driving conditions, roads get slippery and difficult to grip between road and tyres. The gripping not so strong then there is more chance to slip on the road.

2. Drivers cannot drive with full speed. The speed limit should be lower than normal speed and driver must change it according to the conditions.

3. Drivers cannot use sudden braking. If drivers use sudden braking then there is more chance of an accident.

4. Lost driving controls may be accruing due to the conditions. Several times drivers can’t control the vehicle because the tyre skidding from the surface.

Drivers must follow these tips to avoid above problem:

1. Maintain a proper distance between the vehicles
2. Avoid braking to stop the vehicle, Foot off the accelerator to slow the vehicle.
3. Turn the headlights on.
4. Avoid to driving where visibility is poor.
5. Must drive within the speed limit.

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