Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Driving safety tips for teen drivers

Teens are very excited about driving. They want to drive vehicles as soon as possible. In the growing age, teens find anything at any cost.

After passing the driving test, When teenagers drive the first time on the road, they must follow below tips to drive safe on the road.

Speed limits:  It is important to drive within the speed limits.  Teen drivers not driving just for fun and remember this fun can end others life.

Seat belts:  Seat belts are another safety precaution while driving. Always wear seat belts while driving on the road. This will protect your life.

Headrests: Headrests protect your head from the injury. So don’t forget to wear headrests while driving. Adjust the headrest at right position.

Driving after dark: When driving in the dark, teenagers use the extra safety features. Drivers must drive slow and use warning lights and horns regularly.  Driving required more concentration when driving in the dark.

Drink and driving: This is another cause of road accidents. After drinking, it is difficult to judge anything properly. So do not drive after drinking.
Avoid distraction:  While driving on the public places, avoid distraction like use of cell phones, eating or drinking something. Avoid any work which distracts driving.

If teen drivers follow safety tips then can drive safely on the road.

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