Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The drug driving law affects medicine users

The drug driving is one of the reasons that cause for road accidents deaths and injuries. A large number of innocent people dead or injured every year due to drug driving. To reduce the number of drug driving accidents, UK Govt. Decided to introduce new drug driving laws for motorists.

The new drug driving law designed to take hard action on drug drivers who drives after taking some types of drug such as cocaine and heroin etc. Drug driving is an offense and polish can take action on drug drivers.

This drug driving law could affect innocent driver who taking some medicines such as legitimate pain killers etc. The law can hit by those drivers who take their medicines prescribed by doctors if they have not valid evidence.

The drug driving law is not 100% accurate about drivers who are taking their regular medicines. This will hit regular medicine users. The transport Minister Mike penning said - The new rule allowed motorists to defend themselves by valid prescriptions and where they had taken medicines.

Drug driving is an offense and the Govt. Now ready to reduce the number of deaths due to drug driving and take strict action on drug drivers who are still driving after taking heroin and cocaine.

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