Thursday, November 22, 2012

Government proposed to lifetime ban for drink drivers

A large number of accidents occur due to drink driving. There are certain laws to reduce deaths and injuries caused by driving.

Government proposed to face a lifetime ban for the drink drivers. This proposal is included measuring driving drivers with blood and urine test or breath alcohol test.

Carole Whittingham says any driver caught drink driving two times then it should be facing a life time ban. These drivers can harmful for the other drivers and passengers and increase the road accident risk. These drivers must not drive on the road. The stats show that the number of road accidents due to drunk driving increased very high last year from the driving history. This status is horrible and Strong recommendations to not to drink and drive.

The breath test is not reliable every time for caught drink drivers. Blood and urine test gets the better result about drink drivers so these tests must include for the drink drivers.

The road safety Minister said, we have to work in great progress to track drink drivers.

Before the driving after drinking, the drivers think at least one about the risk and results involved in drink driving. If drivers aware about driving result than drink driving accidents must less.

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