Monday, August 27, 2012

Hazard perception clips changes for 2013

In current driving theory test UK, the hazard perception test part contains real life video clips. DSA have filmed these clips from the vehicle and captured various hazards along the route. DSA thinks that this type of video clips has limitations and not all types of hazards get covered in real shooting.

So by the end of year 2013, the driving standard agency (DSA) has planned to introduce the newly developed hazards perception clips as the second part of the Theory test. They have confirmed that they are in the process of developing new and innovative clips as per the previous clips. DSA hopes to bring something new which will help all the road user as well as motorist. The new clips would be computer generated graphics and not the real shooting.

Why DSA is revising the hazard perception test clips?

In Theory test current hazards clips were introduced in November 2002 and were created by filming developing hazards. These clips were created according to the special modified car for the variety of the traffic and road situation. DSA has set the aim of introducing a quality hazard for vulnerable road users. DSA said that the previous hazard perception clips are still appropriate but the pictures of that clips are not apparent and defined. Due to the advance technology they want to make changes in the hazards clips. Learner driver become aware of the vehicles, surroundings and style are used in the clips seemed little outdated.

Driving Standard Agency explains, that clips in early were the samples but now the clips will be computer generated and could come in use by end of the year 2013. They want to introduce these clips for the safety of vulnerable road user such as cyclist, motorist and pedestrian, etc.

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