Monday, May 23, 2011

Really important features of hazard perception test

Theory test is mainly consisting of two parts: first is theory part and second is practical test part. But in first parts again 2 parts, one is theory test questions and second one is hazard perception test part. Hazard test can be passed with the help of clips, videos etc.

Theory test UK aims that while driving a vehicle you are fully ready and are conscious. It is basically based on your intelligence that how much conscious are you. Because it is noticed that the drivers having driving license faces less accidents as compared to non trained drivers. If you are crossed your age of 17 years, you should have your driving licence.

There are minimum age requirements put in place by the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) which must be met by anyone wishing to learn to drive. These age requirements are in place for driving a motorcycle, car or other vehicle and driving outside of these age requirements is a criminal offence.

Driving test online uk to drive vehicles in road is mainly consist of two parts which should be passed at the same time. But you are going to take our theory test uk examination its become very important to pass hazard perception test also with theory questions.

Practical driving test

Hazard perception test is very much important step to have your driving license. It’s compulsory to pass and not very tough.

Before knowing the whole hazard test first of all you should be familiar with "Hazard". Hazard is nothing but the obstruction or barrier in road/highway against your vehicle. Hazard test especially attached with the same goal that by passing hazard test for driving licence you will be able to control your vehicle with some extra efforts.

There are many ways to pass Driving theory tests uk and drive safe. Like Via driving test CD, driving test DVD and driving test books etc. But before your examination date you should well prepare for you test.

There are some hazards you have to look:
  • Pedestrians or cyclists crossing the road
  • Vehicles emerging from side roads, parking places or driveways
  • Large vehicles moving over to your side of the road
  • Meeting oncoming vehicles on narrow roads or where other obstructions or slow moving vehicles make the road narrow
  • Loose pets and farmyard animals
  • Changes in the traffic movement and volume
  • Junctions and roundabouts
  • Horse riders
  • Weather conditions of the day
  • Road surfaces
  • Parked vehicles
  • Hidden junctions & turns
Hazard perception test examination process:

Each hazard clip will start with a freeze frame of the start of the video sequence and a count down from 10 will commence. At the end of the count down the clip will start to play and you will be required to click the mouse button each time you see a developing hazards.

How the scoring mechanism works:?
Each scoring window is divided into five equal segments and a score of five through to one allocated to each. Those responding in the first segment of the scoring window will score 5 and those in last segment a score of 1. Responses outside the window will score zero.

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