Monday, August 13, 2012

Useful Tips To Avoid Driving Road Accident

people will take little extra care regarding their vehicles then there will be very less numbers of accidents in the road. With this little care we could save our lives as well as others life walking in the road.

Follow the safety tips to avoid road accidents:
  • Another best way of driving is defense driving. That is self protective driving.
  • Try to avoid driving after consuming alcohol
  • Try to focus on driving with full concentration and with open eyes.
  • Always try to avoid aggressive driving
  • Another important thing while driving is one should avoid using mobile phone. Make use of phone only when it is needed and urgent to call someone in emergency.
  • People should join the advance driving courses to avoid the careless driving on the road. This will help them to learn defensive driving.
  • One must always try to become vigilant drivers and must be very polite and humble towards other drivers, vulnerable road users.
  • Always check your car brakes, tires. Lights and mirrors.
  • Keep your vehicles in good conditions
  • Try to avoid driving at night if it is not an emergency
  • Always have a clear idea about the limitations of your car.
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