Friday, August 17, 2012

Safe driving in road tunnels

A tunnel is an underground passageway, completely enclosed except for openings for way in and way out, commonly at each end. People should know how to drive safely in the road tunnel. They should know tunnel sign for the safety features and what to do in an emergency.

There are numbers of road tunnels in United Kingdom. The road tunnels vary from length, design and age.

The road tunnel has got the variety of features in order to move road traffic safely.

Emergency stations -emergency stations are located at regular gap and have fire extinguishers and emergency phones to the tunnel control room.

Tunnel lighting: Tunnel lighting is always there to improve the visibility at the ingress, inside the tunnel and egress. If the main tunnel light fails to work properly then emergency station provides continuous lighting that operates to give lights in an emergency.

Ventilation system: In the occurrence of fire ventilation system will push smoke out of the tunnel in a single direction (if you need to walk to an emergency exit during a fire, you should face the air flow)

Emergency exits: Road tunnels are clearly marked with signs, lights and have fire-smoke proof doors. If your vehicle catches fire leave the vehicle immediately and follow the route marked by emergency lights to an emergency exit.

Traffic cameras: If any emergency call is made from a section of the tunnel the control room operator monitor's automatically shows images from the camera in that section.

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