Sunday, August 5, 2012

How to overcome your driving fear?

There are many people who get scared about driving on their own. They get nervous when they are at the steering wheel. Driving phobia is very common in new drivers.

Best medication to overcome the fear is positive thinking - believing in you, in your skills.

When we think only about negative things happening around us we have to face one or other phobias in our life.

Let’s consider driving as the part of our life and it is one of the everyday needs.

How can you keep your nerves at a suitable level?

Get comfortable with the vehicle: Sit in the driver's seat and learn about the vehicle. Find all of the basic controls, such as the windshield wiper function, the lights, seatbelts, blinker, and pedals.

If you have an aroma you really like, try spraying it the vehicle with it. This provides comfort.

Adjust your seat, seatbelt, and mirrors: Remember to adjust the seat, seat belts, and mirror.The mirrors should be adjusted every time you enter the vehicle, beginning with the rearview mirror. Tilt the mirror so you can see clearly out the back windshield, and make sure your night-vision function is off. Both side mirrors should be turned so that you can see your car on the inside of the mirror, and anything behind or beside you should be on the outside of the mirror.

Pretend you're driving: Make believe that you are driving without any companion with you. You have the ability to drive in the road without help. This will help you to overcome with fears. Make sure you know all the basic controls, switches, location where you have to travel.

Practice difficult driving manoeuvres -

If you are a learner driver then you should be confident enough to go for reverse and parallel parking, turns and roundabout, and driving manoeuvres etc. You can also learn Driving theory test practice question for your driving test.

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