Saturday, September 18, 2010

Taking your instructor with you for driving test

The Driving standard agencies are insisting or encouraging people to have an observer with them who will be sitting in the back of the car while taking their driving practical test. Sometimes, candidates have to attempt for the second time to pass the driving practical test or sometimes times it takes a lot longer time.

Generally, it would be your driving instructor but it could be your mum, dad or your friend or whoever taught you to drive. The third person will watch everything which takes place during your respective driving practical test and then they can comment on your performance which will help you to improve your performance.

Except examiner to have someone else in the car with you makes you feel bit comfortable. Personally it helps a lot. The person in the back can't talk to you but it's always nice to know you have a familiar face in the car with you, you know for a little bit of moral support. It's also good for when the test ends because your driving instructor can help you with any minor (or major) faults you made.

Many times it may happen that you don't even know where you made a mistake or where you were lacking. In this case if our instructor is with us as an observer can tell you where you were lacking or made mistakes. Sometimes if you fail twice in your test and you lose your confidence in this your instructor may help you to correct you and can reassure you that next time you will pick up. Instructor will point out every single mistake of yours to which you can rectify which will help you for life time.

The most important thing about having an observer on test is about passing your driving practical test as it's about beginning a process which is lifetime.

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