Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Highway Code - Using the road ( General rules )

The Highway Code Introduction

The Highway Code - Rules for drivers and motorcyclists ( 89-102 )

Before moving off you should
use all mirrors to check the road is clear
look round to check the blind spots (the areas you are unable to see in the mirrors)
signal if necessary before moving out
look round for a final check.
Move off only when it is safe to do so.

Highway Code - Alcohol And Drugs
 160) Once moving you should
keep to the left, unless road signs or markings indicate otherwise.
The exceptions are when you want to overtake, turn right or pass
parked vehicles or pedestrians in the road
keep well to the left on right-hand bends. This will improve your
view of the road and help avoid the risk of colliding with traffic
approaching from the opposite direction
drive with both hands on the wheel where possible. This will help
you to remain in full control of the vehicle at all times
be aware of other road users, especially cycles and motorcycles
who may be filtering through the traffic. These are more difficult to
see than larger vehicles and their riders are particularly vulnerable.
Give them plenty of room, especially if you are driving a long vehicle
or towing a trailer
select a lower gear before you reach a long downhill slope. This will
help to control your speed
when towing, remember the extra length will affect overtaking and
manoeuvring. The extra weight will also affect the braking and
161) Mirrors. All mirrors should be used effectively throughout your journey.
You should
use your mirrors frequently so that you always know what is behind
and to each side of you
use them in good time before you signal or change direction or
be aware that mirrors do not cover all areas and there will be blind
spots. You will need to look round and check.
Remember: Mirrors – Signal – Maneuver


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