Monday, June 14, 2010

Driving test: Passing at 1st attempt- a challenge?

  1. Pattern of driving test -
Passing driving test is an important step towards throwing away your L plates.
Turned 17 - The earliest date your provisional licence can become valid is your 17 birthday. However you can apply for the licence up to three months before your birthday.

Apply for a provisional licence - before you start driving, you must apply for your provisional licence. You can get this licence from DVLA.

Passing your driving theory test - before you appear for your practical theory test, you need to pass your theory test. Passing your driving practical test - the purpose driving test is to find out whether you can drive safely.

Get a full licence - You will need to notify the DVLA to exchange your test pass certificate and provisional driving licence for a new full driving licence as soon as possible.

You must go through all the essential learning material written by the industry experts for learner drivers which will help you pass your driving test in 1st attempt.

Theory test book - Entire 2010/11 official theory test questions and answers from Driving Standards from which actual exam questions are chosen. Mock test papers Key information for all learner drivers
It is necessary to pass driving theory test before applying for practical test. If you are preparing for your driving theory test, it is important that you study all the latest official theory test questions published by DSA.
Book should contain:

Highway code book -

The Highway Code is essential reading for everyone. This is very useful to know road/traffic signs, rule and regulations if you are preparing for your driving theory test or practical test.

The most vulnerable road users are pedestrians, particularly children, older or disabled people, cyclists, motorcyclists and horse riders. It is important that all road users are aware of the Code and are considerate towards each other. This applies to pedestrians as much as to drivers and riders.

Knowing and applying the rules contained in The Highway Code could significantly reduce road casualties. Cutting the number of deaths and injuries that occur on our roads every day is a responsibility we all share. The Highway Code can help us discharge that responsibility.

Practical test book - 

Explained with The Highway Code rules Know what will be assessed on exam day DSA driver record - Check your readiness for the exam What is expected and how you should do it? Graphic illustration of driving test manoeuvres Know why learners fail in the test Easy to follow tips and hints Detailed advice and tips on how to improve key competencies necessary for safe driving Know what to expect on your driving test day Know how examiner will assess your performance Areas where you need to demonstrate consistent independent performance Why learners fail?
Additional resources:


Many find CD ROMs as interactive resource rather than books. Because many driving theory test CD ROMs available feature-

Theory test (multiple choice questions) features -
  • Latest 2010/11 DSA official driving theory test questions and answers for car and bike. Access complete official latest.
  • DSA driving theory test questions bank from which actual exam questions are chosen.
  • Know exactly what to expect in exam so no surprises!
  • Latest 2010/11 DSA official driving theory test questions and answers for car and bike
  • Includes new case study style questions for car and bike
  • Solve unlimited random mock tests with different questions every time.
  • Get ready for your big day!
  • Progress monitor, review complex questions. Try our unique study pattern and you just can't fail.
  • See all preparation statistics; see where you are getting wrong and how many times.
  • Improve your weak areas/skills, graphical progress monitor.
Hazard perception test features -
  • Includes interactive hazard perception clips
  • Over 70+ interactive hazard perception practice clips, including official DSA practice clips, tips and hints, scoring mechanism demonstration graphics
Bonus features -
  • Latest The Highway Code rules and regulations with road and traffic signs
  • Driving practical test -
  • Show me tell me questions
  • Interactive driving test manoeuvres
  • Detailed advice on how to pass your DSA practical test
  • Eager to drive on the road? What you need to know about driving on the road

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