Thursday, May 13, 2010

Booked driving theory test? Take important documents with you otherwise you may loose your fees

Minimum cost of dsa driving theory test itself is £31.00. And on top of it, if you just don't carry required documents, you might loose your driving test fees. So why take a chance.

DSA has recently announced that they can now accept UK Identity Cards issued by IPS to confirm their identity at the driving test centre.
More details from DSA -

DSA has been working closely with the Identity and Passport Service (IPS) so we can accept UK Identity Cards issued by IPS as an alternative means by which candidates may confirm their identity for all types of driving test and Driver CPC periodic training.

Candidates for driving test and periodic training need to produce evidence of their entitlement to drive the relevant vehicle and prove their identity before the test or training can commence.

Candidates may currently do this by way of a driving licence. Where the license does not contain a photograph a valid passport is also required.

Candidates will still need to confirm their driving entitlement by producing their driving license for driving test but, with effect from 27 April, candidates who do not have a photo card license will be able to use a valid UK ID Card issued by IPS as an alternative to their passport.

Any candidate who is unable to satisfy the examiner of their driving entitlement or identity will have their driving test cancelled and may lose their fee.
Things to note down:

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the test time shown above to allow DSA to check you in.

Must-have documents from driving test-
  • A valid signed UK photocard licence
  • An old style valid signed UK paper driving licence and a valid passport.
Accepted photographic ID -

Photographic identification acceptable for both driving theory and driving practical tests are as follows:

  1. A valid signed UK (or Northern Ireland) photocard licence
  2. An old style valid signed UK (or Northern Ireland) paper driving licence and a valid passport.
Click here for specific more details.
If you now have two or more tests booked that you have not yet taken, please check that there is at least 2 hours between your appointments. Failure to do so could cause you to miss a test and lose your fee. If you haven't already, You can also book theory test online.

Remember: if you do not bring your driving licence and acceptable proof of identity when you arrive for your test you will not be allowed to take it and you will lose your test fee.

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